Recruiting for Missions
Libro World Evangelization, Steef van 't Slot
Subtitle That All May Hear
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This course is an Introduction to Missions . It was first published in 1999 and later updated in 2005 and 2011. This new 2018 edition is still recognizable, although it was not only updated, but modernized too. You are about to embark on a missionary journey. This course may eventually lead you to a real missions trip. It may be your first, or maybe you have already travelled abroad for missionary purposes. In both cases you will learn new things: for the newcomer it will be theory that may develop into practical experience. And you, who have already been there , will learn things that you can relate to former experience.
The author, Ps. Steef van t Slot, Ph.D. has been involved in world missions since 1973. He is married to Tineke and they have four adult children. His itinerant ministry takes him to many countries in the world to teach missions. He authored several other books, the most well-known are his three brief volumes on Biblical Theology of Missions, entitled The Bible s Missionary Message . He may be contacted at
Introduction; 1. Biblical Basis for World Evangelization; 2. History of World Evangelization; 3. Geography and Ethnology of World Evangelization; 4. The First Barrier to World Evangelization: Communication; 5. The Second Barrier: Culture; 6. The Third Barrier: Non-Christian Religions and Philosophies; 7. The People for World Missions; 8. Agencies for World Missions: Who Does What and Where?; 9. Setting up a World Missions Strategy in Your Church; 10. Two More Critical Issues; Glossary; Bibliography; A Final Word
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