Libro What society Needs From Media in the Age of Digital Communicacion, Robert Picard
Autor: Robert Picard
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Media and communications are changing rapidly and their transformation is having a momentous impact on the abilities of individuals communicate and how society communicates within itself. These changes are important because media convey ideas, opinions, information, social values, experiences, and entertainment and those are influenced by social, economic, and political forces in society. The changing nature of communication is especially important because media and communication platforms are increasingly the primary location in which contemporary identity, culture, and values and norms are manifest and contested. This book addresses those issues and considers what society needs from media in the contemporary environment. An interdisciplinary group of essayists argue that society needs clarity about what his happening in the world, what is important, how to find meaning in life, that humans need orientation about where they fit, how they are a part of the world, and the ways in which they take part. They assert that individuals need to belong to communities that locate them within the broader social setting and help define identity about who they are and how they are represented in the world. The writers stress that media needs to help individuals communicate and participate in society and that to do so effectively literacy is literacy to understand the changing communication environment, media platforms, and technologies. They assert that media needs to help fulfil social roles and help individuals reflect upon and critically think about events and society. Other authors argue that media need to reduce rather than heighten conflict, provide expression allowing individuals to take part in debates and discussions of society, and that leadership of media that pursues social as well as commercial objectives. The book is by nature normative, informed by the research and knowledge derived from the fields of the authors. The authors hope that it will spark deeper thinking and discussion of the roles of media in modern society and how society might work to ensure those needs are met.
1. Clarity: Direction in an ambiguous world Robert G. Picard 2. Orientation: Why the new media environment needs old roles Wolfgang Donsbach 3. Belonging: What should and can be done about fragmented community Esteban López-Escobar and Francisco J. Pérez-Latre 4. Identity: Minority language and community in the age of digital communication Tom Moring 5. Participation: Women's human right to communicate in the digital age Aimée Vega Montiel 6. Literacy: Understanding media and how they work Renee Hobbs 7. Need Fulfilment: Society and community in the age of digital communication - The Indian example The Indian Example, Chandrika Kaul 8. Reflection: The media, democracy, and spectacle Douglas Kellner, UCLA 9. Conflict Transformation: Bearing witness through the photographer's lens Jolyon Mitchell 10. Debate: Press freedom and the limitations of the marketplace of ideas Katrin Voltmer 11. Leadership: You can t dance at every wedding Leadership overload in the media industry Lucy Küng About the Authors
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