Libro Travellers in Transit, Dra María Isabel Heraso Aragón
Subtitle A different perspective of death. A gift with which to enjoy life
Publisher: F.I.D.
Language: Español
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: 18 (18)
ISBN: 9788493766368
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" Written in a simple and enjoyable style, this book literally opens Pandora s box… and inside, much to our surprise, we find a view of death that differs from everything we ve always been told: a simpler, more hopeful and even pleasant view. After facing the process of dying in the daily practice of medicine, and from a unique personal experience with death, Dr. Heraso has spent years researching the subject. The conclusions stated in this book reveal the many taboos and false truths that have been passed down to us, causing us fear and anxiety, and in many instances, profit for those who act as intermediaries between us and the entire process of death. According to the persons who have read this book, it transmits a feeling of relief and peace, and the expectation of being converted into TRAVELLERS IN TRANSIT... "
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