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Libro The Exploration of Marine Biodiversity, Carlos M. Duarte
Subtitle Scientific and Technological Challenges
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The exploration of marine biodiversity is still in its infancy, due basically to the technological challenges of deep-sea deployments and the fact that marine life is dominated by microscopic organisms with a metabolic repertoire far beyond that of their terrestrial counterparts. For these reasons too, it continues to yield surprises, with the most remote, extreme habitats also the richest in findings.
This book draws its contents from the first in a series of debates organised jointly by the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC) and the BBVA Foundation around the work of the Cap Salines Coastal Research Station (Mallorca, Balearic Islands). In its pages, leading international experts review the current state of knowledge concerning marine biodiversity, the efforts being made to secure a complete inventory of the planet s marine species and the technological and scientific developments that are facilitating deep-sea exploration, with potentially important benefits for our society.

Carlos M. Duarte is a research professor with the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA) in Mallorca (CSIC and University of the Balearic Islands). His research encompasses a wide range of interests, focusing on the ecology of aquatic ecosystems and their role in the functioning
of the biosphere.


Carlos M. Duarte


1. General Aspects Concerning Marine and Terrestrial Biodiversity

Damià Jaume and Carlos M. Duarte


2. The Magnitude of Marine Biodiversity

Philippe Bouchet


3. Deep-Sea Ecosystems: Pristine Biodiversity Reservoir and Technological Challenges

Eva Ramírez Llodra and David S.M. Billett


4. Life Suspended in Water: the Plankton

Geoff Boxshall


5. Marine Genomics and the Exploration of Marine Biodiversity

J. Mark Cock, Delphine Scornet, Susana Coelho, Bénédicte Charrier,

Catherine Boyen and Akira F. Peters




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