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Libro SharePoint Online Modern Experience Practical Guide, Bijay Kumar Sahoo
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Lots of small, medium and large organizations or enterprises are using Office 365 for their business. And Microsoft is also investing heavily on Office 365 and providing lots of new features in Office 365 and other services in Office 365 like Office application or SharePoint Online, Yammer, Teams, Flow or PowerApps, etc. SharePoint is one of the popular portal technologies and web-based business collaboration and document management system. With Office 365 subscription, organizations can use SharePoint Online. Microsoft has announced the Modern features in SharePoint for a long time. Modern Experience is the future of SharePoint Online and on-premises also. This book is a comprehensive guide that lets you explore the Modern features in SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2019. In the book, I have covered details on Modern Team sites, communication sites, how you can customize the team sites according to your business requirement. You will also get hands-on experience on how you can customize Modern site pages. I have also explained in detail various new features of Modern list and document libraries in SharePoint. This book also contains a few SharePoint portal examples, you will get in-depth knowledge on how to design team sites with various useful web parts. Few Organizations are still using SharePoint On-premises versions like SharePoint server 2019. I have also explained the Modern Experience in SharePoint 2019. Always it is better to know also, what are the things which are not possible in SharePoint Modern Experience, based on which you can check the impact, before moving to the SharePoint Online Modern Experience.WHAT WILL YOU LEARNIn this book, you will learn what are modern experiences in SharePoint? How we can handle at the organization level. What are the things which is not possible in SharePoint Online modern experience? Various new features of SharePoint Online modern list and document libraries.
1.Introducing Office 365 and SharePoint Online2.SharePoint Classic and Modern Experience3.Explore Modern SharePoint Online Site â?? Team Site4.SharePoint Online Modern Lists5.Explore SharePoint Online Modern Document Libraries6.SharePoint Online Modern Site Pages7.Explorer SharePoint Online Modern Experience Web Parts8.SharePoint Online Modern Site Design Examples9.SharePoint 2019 Modern Experience10.SharePoint 2019 Communication Site11.SharePoint Online Modern Experience â?? Whatâ??s not possible?
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