The 4th Industrial Revolution from an Ethical Perspective
Timo Plutschinski (editor)
As the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushers into a new era of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality, how should we respond to the societal and ethical dilemmas associated with this new age...

Stronger Families for a Flourishing Society
For a long time, people held this truth to be self-evident. However, in recent decades, the institution of the family has been too often neglected, caricatured, and criticized to the point that it is...

In the image of God
Madelon Grant
European countries are increasingly becoming home to a substantial number of Christians with immigrant backgrounds. The Netherlands is home to one million Christians with an imigrant background. This...

Thoughtful Eating
Hannah Eves, Katherine Martin, Andrew Phillips, Peter Redmayne
Eating is never a solitary act; each meal connects us profoundly to food chains, precious resources, human effort, a global ecology and graced provision. How does the food we eat affect the planet?...

A Relational Agenda
Jonathan Tame

Confederal Europe 2
David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
The Confederal Europe project provides a coherent foundation for a new EU institutional settlement, consistent with EU s shared Christian heritage and the vision of the Treaty of Rome, and...

Law and Prevention of Abortion in Europe
Grégor Puppinck
This book is a study on abortion through different, sometimes new aspects, and aims at giving the conceptual and legal bases to a policy of prevention of abortion. It is not a book of appeal which...

Secrets of the Kingdom Economy
Paul L. Cuny
Secrets of the KINGDOM Economy is a compelling look at a practical biblical worldview of commerce and economics. In recent years, there has been unprecedented turmoil in theeconomics of the United...

Paul L. Cuny
An awakening is taking place outside the walls of the church house that can change the way we live life. Men and women around the world are starting to recognize their sacred responsibilities to...

Confederal Europe
David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
Europe stands at a turning point. The long trek towards political unification has been championed by the large numbers of, usually, wealthier Europeans who have gained most by globalism and the...

In essence Economy is about life!
Dirk Bezemer, Lans Bovenberg
Much of the popular debate on the economy is increasingly focusing on the fact that economics is not just about money. There is a growing realization that no economy can be sustainable if it is only...

Political Wisdom
Rob Nijhoff
Does faith belong in politics? According to Rob Nijhof it most certainly does. Everyone has some deep convictions that shape the way in which one conducts politics. People can be inspired to...

After Capitalism
Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
The world is set to be in financial turmoil for some years to come. Searching questions are being asked about the future of Capitalism in the light of the European debt crisis, excessive levels of...

A Community of Peoples
Sander Luitwieler
Europe stands at a crossroads. Various crises have put the debate on the future direction of the European Union to the forefront. Participants to this debate are inclined to take an extreme position:...

Economics of the Family
Lubomír Mlcoch
The family is the Achilles heel of the Western world. Economic man has succumbed to the temptation to seek paradise on Earth. The family has become the victim, as the market has disintegrated family...

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, Hermund Haaland
lmost a third of all young adults in the EU live at home. Europe needs entrepreneurs that create products that consumers want and thereby lift their friends out of unemployment. Startup Europe is a...

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