Political economy
El último siglo económico en una sentada
Ramon Tamames
El capitalismo es el gato de más de siete vidas. Ésta es la tesis central de Ramón Tamames el economista español más reconocido internacionalmente en este libro. Una síntesis magistral, en estilo...

Confederal Europe
David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
Europe stands at a turning point. The long trek towards political unification has been championed by the large numbers of, usually, wealthier Europeans who have gained most by globalism and the...

In essence Economy is about life!
Dirk Bezemer, Lans Bovenberg
Much of the popular debate on the economy is increasingly focusing on the fact that economics is not just about money. There is a growing realization that no economy can be sustainable if it is only...

After Capitalism
Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
The world is set to be in financial turmoil for some years to come. Searching questions are being asked about the future of Capitalism in the light of the European debt crisis, excessive levels of...

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, Hermund Haaland
lmost a third of all young adults in the EU live at home. Europe needs entrepreneurs that create products that consumers want and thereby lift their friends out of unemployment. Startup Europe is a...

Unión europea y América Latina
Not assigned, José Manuel Sáiz Álvarez
El proceso de integración en su doble vertiente económica y política que se está dando en la actualidad en la Unión Europea está provocando reacciones en otras regiones del planeta, en especial en...

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