Libro Over the Wall, Jean Margaret Payne
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With a wealth of spiritual experiences gained over forty years of service to the Lord, Jean Margaret Payne has penned and incorporated these into her commentaries on the life of Jacob, founder of ISRAEL.
Jean Margaret Payne was born in Derby, England, in 1946 and was brought up in Ambergate Derbyshire. She trained to be a P.E. teacher in Lincoln and moved on to teach in that capacity in Peterborough. Having come to a knowledge of Christ in Lincoln in 1969, she eventually met and married José Miñano, a Spanish Assemblies of God Pastor, in 1976, and moved to Spain as a missionary having received her own divine calling. Together they have founded a Community Church in Abarán, Murcia, which is in the area known as the Valley of Ricote. They have two grown-up sons, Rubén and Benjamín.
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