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Libro Our Incredible Shrinking Planet, Simon J. Lewis
Subtitle Earthquakes, Flooding, Climate Change, Tsunamis, Volcanoes....What's going on?
Author: Simon J. Lewis
Publisher: Simon Lewis
Categories: Earth sciences
Language: Inglés
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Our Incredible Shrinking Planet explores the possibility that gravity slowly increases over millennia forcing the Earth to become more massive and crush itself under the pressure. Scientists cannot explain how the dinosaurs managed to attain their huge sizes or how enormous pterodactyls were able to fly in our current gravity, so was it once less? Nor do they have a satisfactory reason for why or how the tectonic plates move and subduct each other inflicting us with tsunamis and earthquakes. Why is this still on going on a planet that is supposed to be cooling and setting? The fact that NASA has found that the distance to the moon increases each year is also unexplained. NASA has confirmed it has found signs of contraction on both Mercury and the moon and that the planet Jupiter is known to be shrinking. Could this also be happening to our home? Delving into the strange effects of Einstein s Laws of Relativity, Simon explains why gravity increases and has been able keep its surreptitious action clandestine for so long. Are its effects behind climate change, the heating of the oceans and their relentless rise over the years? With a cheeky regard for the methods of institutionalised science, Simon provides a wealth of interesting information and antidotes in layman s terms. He explains the array of geological ages, mass extinctions, volcanic activity, ice ages and climate changes that our planet has endured as it is heated by pressure from within. He maintains that even evolution is driven by gravity and his facts and logic are hard to dismiss. It looks like our planet is shrinking! Sorry ladies, but we are all getting heavier, relatively of course. Search: Our Incredible Shrinking Planet. This book contains information for everyone who wants to know What on Earth is going on with our planet lately?
Simon J. Lewis Simon was born in England and attended Thornbury Grammar in Gloucestershire where his love of science developed. Relocating to Australia he continued his passion for physics and quest for the illusive Theory of Everything. Now the Holy Grail of Physics, this theory has managed to evade our scientists well into the 21st Century. Unrestricted by convention and other often dogmatic approaches to the problem, Simon decided to study gravity to the point of obsession. He realised it had something to do with too many unknowns and was the possible key to the Process of the Universe. His work for many years in the natural surroundings of the Australian outback rewarded him with an unusual affinity with nature and the opportunity to contemplate it in a serene timeless environment. His extensive research opened up different aspects of gravity and the workings of the Universe and grew into three books. The first, Our Incredible Shrinking Planet describes the effects that increasing gravity would have on the evolution of life and the still active geology of our planet.
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