Libro Leave the Shore!, Timothée Paton
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This little book you are now holding could spare you waking up one day saying to yourself, What on earth have I done with my life? The short stories you are about to read are among the ones the author has shared in different parts of the world. Short stories to inspire you to live a life you won t regret.
Timothée was born in the volcano region of Central France. In 1999, after serving as a pastor in France, he he gave away everything and felt to Phnom Penh to work in the slums and with children living on the streets. By now, Timothée has traveled on every continent, speaking in universities, youth rallies, bible schools challenging young and old to take the Gospel to the least, the lost and the last.
Foreword Chapter 1: Leave the Shore! Chapter 2: The King Who Ripped His Clothes Chapter 3: Can You Carry A Stretcher? Chapter 4: Shammah Chapter 5: Make Sure Your Bread Goes To The Back Rows Chapter 6: The Man Who Killed His Oxen Chapter 7: He Is Waiting For You At Lo Debar Chapter 8: Go Down Into The Valley Chapter 9: Have You Seen The Beggar At The Gate? Epilogue
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