Libro Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies Vol. II, Paulo Faustino (co-editor), Terry Flew (co-editor)
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The Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies JOCIS, a scientific international publication, aims to stimulate the production, sharing, dissemination and transference of knowledge about creative and cultural areas and activities. In addition to the classical model of a magazine in this field, JOCIS will have interviews to specialists, summaries of studies, reviews of scientific events and reading proposals. Since creativity is also essential to a scientific magazine, we will be constantly improving and searching for better design solutions appreciated by our readers. Published by Formalpress/Media XXI, together with IMMAA, and in partnership with several international entities, JOCIS is co-directed by Terry Flew (Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology) and by Paulo Faustino (president of IMMAA and board member of CIC.Digital (Oporto) Centre for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture). It has an Editorial Board formed by some of the most reputed scholars and experts worldwide in this area and by an international team highly qualified in the field of teaching and research in creative industries. It is a quarterly publication (being the first number related to the four-month period May / August) of national and international distribution, that can be found in the digital media and bookstores (at or Amazon digital version and printed version through print on demand) and at national selling spots, namely the main bookstores and other strategic places.
Foreword by Terry Flew and Paulo Faustino. Articles: - Exploring travel experience design through Lokalii: How can a travel app create memorable experiences, by Ida Marie Helgetveit; - Balanced co-existance of de jure and de facto independence in the public service broadcasting sector, by Apurva Kirti Sharma; - Can Whatsapp be approached as a creative product?, by Asdrúbal Borges Formiga Sobrinho and Osmária da Cunha; - The Creative Cultural industry: The production of concepts in the process of commodification of culture and its impact, by Marcello de Souza Freitas. Interviews: - Nesta and the evolving creative industries policy agenda in the UK and Australia, by Hasan Bakhshi, Terry Flew, Greg Hearn and Cori Stewart; - Creative and Cultural Industries as a complicated and contested area. An interview with Professor Stuart Cunningham, by Fulvia Santovito; - The many different ways of doing journalism. An interview with Nico Carpentier, by Dinara Tokbaeva. Reports: - CREIMA The Creative Industries and Media Management course summer school in Porto in July, by Bruno Pires; - How culture is financed in World s Cities: A comparative analysis of public funding, private giving and new funding models in 15 cities from Los Angeles to Shanghai, by Dinara Tokbaeva; - Marketing and communication of tourism organizations on social media: A case study of Oporto and the Northern Region of Portugal, by João Neves; - TOCREA The Tourism and Creative Industries Academic Association: First Edition (Oporto, July), by Diogo Resende. Book Reviews: - Innovation, Management and Trends of the Book Market (Paulo Faustino), by Fulvia Santovito; - Media and Participation (Nico Carpentier), by Mónica Rodrigues.
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