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European countries are increasingly becoming home to a substantial number of Christians with immigrant backgrounds. The Netherlands is home to one million Christians with an imigrant background. This reflects a global trend: in Southern countries Christianity is growing fast, while European Christianity is shrinking. To be able to engage in a meaningful dialogue between politically committed Christians, knowledge of each other s backgrounds is needed. How do Christians relate to politics worldwide and which mirror do they hold up to Christians in Western countries? These and more questions are addressed in this publication of Sallux and the Groen van Prinsterer Foundation. Madelon Grant, researcher at the Groen van Prinsterer Foundation, the think tank of the Dutch political party ChristenUnie, was the editor in charge of the publication. In the Image of God is admirably broad and fair-minded in its coverage, often dealing with under-studied settings. This is a very rewarding book, which offers the reader some real treasures. - Prof. dr. Philip Jenkins, author of The Next Christendom. Sallux Publishing ISBN: 978-94-92697-18-9
Madelon Grant is project researcher at the Groen van Prinsterer Foundation, the think tank of the Dutch political party ChristenUnie. She studied Religious Studies and Hebrew and Aramaic Languages and Cultures at Leiden University. From 2010 to 2018 Madelon was the director of SKIN-Rotterdam, an umbrella organisation of international and migrant churches in Rotterdam, and since 2019 she works for the national SKIN.
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