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Libro Gundagai and The Lands of the Two Rivers, Peter E Luders
Author: Peter E Luders
Publisher: peter luders
Categories: History
Language: Inglés
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Reasons for writing the book. In love with the landscape, intrigued by the region s history and concerned that much of that early history was being lost Peter Luders set out to record as much of it as was possible. Driven in part by a desire to do this for posterity and in part by the hope that, by charting such enormous fluctuations in the history of society, agriculture and veterinary practice, some small insight into the future direction in which our nation may be headed can perhaps be gleaned- by contemplating its past triumphs and errors.
Peter Luders was born in 1936 at Gundagai- in southwest NSW- the only son of a World War 1 soldier settler, and his mother a great granddaughter to William Luff, an early squatter in that district. His abiding interests are music (eclectic tastes), literature (ditto), agriculture, art and history. After graduating in Veterinary Science from Sydney University in 1959 he married Jane and travelled extensively overseas; before returning to set up a veterinary practice at Cootamundra, NSW. After inheriting his father s farm in 1969 he built it up into a more viable grazing property with the acquisition of surrounding small farms. In 1986 Peter and Jane- with their two boys and two girls- moved to Canberra, where they lived until Peter s retirement in 1996. They then returned to their beautiful Tumut River property, where Jane died in 2007, and where Peter has lived ever since.
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