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In the image of God
Madelon Grant
European countries are increasingly becoming home to a substantial number of Christians with immigrant backgrounds. The Netherlands is home to one million Christians with an imigrant background. This...

Europe and the Gospel
Evert van de Poll
My purpose is to give a bird s eye view of Europe as a whole, so my position is that of a generalist. Everybody in Europe is inclined to look at the continent from the biased position of his or her...

Thoughtful Eating
Hannah Eves, Katherine Martin, Andrew Phillips, Peter Redmayne
Eating is never a solitary act; each meal connects us profoundly to food chains, precious resources, human effort, a global ecology and graced provision. How does the food we eat affect the planet?...

A Relational Agenda
Jonathan Tame

Confederal Europe 2
David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
The Confederal Europe project provides a coherent foundation for a new EU institutional settlement, consistent with EU s shared Christian heritage and the vision of the Treaty of Rome, and...

Confederal Europe
David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
Europe stands at a turning point. The long trek towards political unification has been championed by the large numbers of, usually, wealthier Europeans who have gained most by globalism and the...

A Community of Peoples
Sander Luitwieler
Europe stands at a crossroads. Various crises have put the debate on the future direction of the European Union to the forefront. Participants to this debate are inclined to take an extreme position:...

Economics of the Family
Lubomír Mlcoch
The family is the Achilles heel of the Western world. Economic man has succumbed to the temptation to seek paradise on Earth. The family has become the victim, as the market has disintegrated family...

Hope in Times of Crisis
Jeff Fountain, and others, Piotr Mazurkiewicz, Petros Vassiliadas, Michael Schluter, George Adam, Jonathan Chaplin
The State of Europe Forum is held annually in the capitol of the country holding the presidency of the EU.

House of Squatters
Jeff Fountain
THESE ESSAYS, TALKS AND ARTICLES reflect the author s engagement with politicians, academics, theologians, educationalists, students, church leaders and mission strategists in a variety of contexts,...

Shapers of our modern age
Jeff Fountain
In this booklet, we will glimpse the lives of Wesley and five other leaders from the Modern Era who understood the Great Commission in terms of discipling whole nations.

Fear Not!
Evert van de Poll, Jeff Fountain, Tomas Halik, and others, Andjey Zubov, Tunne Kelam, Prabhu Guptara

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