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Kotlin In-depth [Vol-II]
Aleksei Sedunov
Master the concise and expressive power of a pragmatic multi-paradigm language for JVM, Android and beyond The purpose of this book is to guide a reader through the capabilities of the Kotlin...

Natural Computing with Python
Giancarlo Zaccone
Step-by-step guide to learn and solve complex computational problems with Nature Inspired algorithms.Natural Computing is the field of research inspired by nature, that allows the development of new...

Python Made Simple
Rydhm Beri
Take tiny steps to enter the big world of data science through this interesting guideIn the last few years, python gained popularity and became the first choice of the students, teachers as well as...

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Decision Makers
Dr. Jagreet Kaur, Navdeep Singh Gill
Learn modern-day technologies from modern-day technical giantsThe aim of this book is to help the readers understand the concept of artificial intelligence and deep learning methods and implement...

Node.js Guidebook
Dhruti Shah
Develop attractive and efficient dynamic web applications using Node.jsThe Node.js Guidebook is written and designed keeping in mind readers of varies technical and academic inclinations. Every...

JAVA 9.0 To 13.0 New Features
Mandar Jog
A comprehensive guide to study the version updates from JDK9.0 to JDK13.0Version release is one of the important phases of success of any programming language. Over the years, Java had made many...

AI & ML - Powering the Agents of Automation
Deepika M, Vijay Cuddapah, Amitendra Srivastava, Srinivas Mahankali
Learn Why, What, Where, When Who and How behind the technologies of the AI & ML powering the Agents of Automation in a simple manner.We are faced with automatic machines and autonomous agents...

Python for Professionals
Matt Telles
Learn to be a Python expert in ten easy lessons!This book is intended for the professional programmer who wants to learn Python for their place of business, or simply to extend their knowledge. You...

101 Challenges In C Programming
Yashavant Kanetkar, Aditya Kanetkar
Practice them to be a mature C programmerOften one thinks that one knows C programming and moves on to learning languages like C++, Java or Python. That is perhaps a mistake. Unless you have a...

Data Analysis with Excel
Manisha Nigam
Simplify the Usage of Excel Features and Functionalities, with the Help of ExamplesBook is written in a lucid manner to explain the concepts in details, with adequate emphasis on examples. The intend...

SolidWorks 2019 Training Guide
Linkan Sagar
Designed to provide an insight into the Mechanical Design concept.The book promises to make you understand and practice the SolidWorks framework. The aim of this book is to take you on a journey to...

Storage Optimization with Unity All-Flash Array
Victor Wu
Learn deployment and configuration of Unity storageDell EMC Unity is a powerful midrange storage array with high-performance and deployment flexibility; it is available in the Hybrid model and...

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and International Law
Artificial Intelligence may be the disruptive tech to influence our lives, but in the end, it has its own species to grow, so let us not take it as something we use and leave.The book enters with its...

Application Layering with VMware App Volumes
Peter von Oven
Step-by-step guide to designing, deploying and managing VMware App VolumesDelivering applications within a virtual desktop environment has always proven to be a challenge given the stateless nature...

Mastering C 8.0
Joydip Kanjilal
Step-by-step guide written in a lucid language for mastering C#This book starts by introducing the concepts of .NET framework. It then discusses OOP and explores how one can work with OOP in C#....

Selenium with Python - A Beginner s Guide
Pallavi R Sharma
Step by step directions to get started with Selenium using Python as a programming languageSelenium is the most popular open source test automation tool available in the market. In the last decade,...

Let Us Python
Yashavant Kanetkar, Aditya Kanetkar
Learn Python Quickly, A Programmer-Friendly GuideMost Programmer s learning Python are usually comfortable with some or the other programming language and are not interested in going through the...

IT Interview Guide for Freshers
Sameer S Paradkar
Gold mine of critical IT interview Q&A for freshersAre you a fresher looking to pass your first IT interview and get your hands on that dream job of yours? This is the best choice for you to make. By...

Introduction to Digital Marketing 101
Cecilia Figueroa
Skyrocket your business goals with this hands on guideSocial media marketing has stemmed from people s communication habits. Nowadays, social networking platforms are essential in practice, even in...

Basic Principles of an Operating System
Dr. Priyanka Rathee
A basic guide to learn Design and Programming of operating system in depthAn operating system is an essential component of computers, laptops, smartphones and any other devices that manages the...

Modern Communication with Social Media
Mamta Dalal
Learn to Explode Your Reach with Modern Day Communication Methods, Networking, Social Media, Customers, and more! The book, Modern Communication with Social Media, explores the evolution of...

DevOps and Containers Security
Jose Manuel Ortega Candel
Secure your applications and development environments with Docker and Kubernetes Through this book, we will introduce the DevOps tools ecosystem and the main containers orchestration tools through an...

Ripple and Stablecoins: Building Banks of Tomorrow
Debajani Mohanty
Step-by-step guide to learn Ripple and explore $155 trillion+ market on international remittanceThe book is written for all IT professionals. It starts with the loopholes existing in the banking as...

Revit 2019 Architecture
Linkan Sagar, Srishty Rawal
Designing the FutureA Basic book about Autodesk Revit Architecture 2019 in which Revit Architecture and its advanced version is explained in step by step.This book carries a lot, if you are starting...

Secure Chains
Srinivas Mahankali, Abhishek Bhattacharya, Gokul B Alex
Understand Cybersecurity fundamentals and protect your Blockchain systems for a scalable and secured automation As this decade comes to a closure, we are looking at, what we like to call, an Industry...

Computer Storage Fundamentals
Susanta Dutta
Learn storage system usage in various solutions to meet enterprise company s business objectives.With the advancement of computer, mobile and popularity of internet and social media, digital data is...

Angular Interview Questions and Answers
Anil Singh
Step by step guide to become an expert in AngularThis book provide all the important aspects required for angular developers looking for brief and useful content for frequently asked Angular...

SAP/ABAP HANA Programming
Sudipta Malakar
Enrich your skill set with Open SQL and CD5 viewsThe book has been written in such a way that the concepts are explained in detail, giving adequate emphasis on examples. To provide clarity on the...

Generative Adversarial Networks with Industrial Use Cases
Navin K. Manaswi
Best Book on GAN This book aims at simplifying GAN for everyone. This book is very important for machine learning engineers, researchers, students, professors, and professionals. Universities and...

Handbook of Cloud Computing
Dr. Anand Nayyar
Great POSSIBILITIES and high future prospects to become ten times folds in the near FUTUREThe book Handbook of Cloud Computing provides the latest and in-depth information of this relatively new...

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