Libro BORDER PIONEERS, Joan Stanfield
Subtitle The Pastoralists
Author: Joan Stanfield
Publisher: Stanfield
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As an academic, a lover of history, with a strong interest in geography, I have extended my earlier research into the early colony, settlements in the Hunter Valley and resettlement beyond, in my first book A Patchwork Quilt. Now, after researching and visiting the river valleys in northern NSW and Queensland, my next book Border Pioneers subtitled the Pastoralists, investigates the pioneer pastoral industry, on either side of the Border Ranges. From 1840s, inspired by Alan Cunningham s 1827 exploration of the Darling Downs and SE Queensland, an interested group of Upper Hunter men moved up the Tablelands and up the NSW coast, in search of farming land. Accounts of vast areas of virgin land, were told by cedar cutters, who had returned by vessel, from the northern rivers. The Clarence River and Richmond River valleys were the first pastoral landholdings. Awesome Mt Lindesay, a sentinel visible from both sides of the McPherson Ranges, remains as remnants of the 24 million year old eruption of the Focal Peak Shield Volcano. The break down of lava and rock has provided rich soils for all the river valleys. To the north of the rugged McPherson Ranges, the Logan, Albert and Condamine river systems were made available after the Moreton Bay Penal Centre closed. Networks of families worked the land, to improve flocks and herds, developing productivity and prosperity for the young country. They left their mark on Australian history.
As a researcher, with an academic background, I love history and also have an interest in georgraphy. My first paid writing was for ABC radio news journalism and TV script writing for news film. I taught senior classes for Ed. department NSW for 23 years, before moving to the travel industry. My research of northern river systems, NSW and southern Qld inspired me to put together the characters, station properties and economic conditions of the pastoral pioneers. This important australian history.
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