Libro As Fragile as an Egg?, Youssef Yacob
Subtitle Lessons on discipling, training, empowering and sending out believers from Muslim background
Author: Youssef Yacob
Publisher: Logos
Language: Inglés
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ISBN: 9788494511127
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The story of the Algerian church as so well presented in this book, is one of the great stories of God working in the world today. To read of so many Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ and going on for Him, brings joy to our hearts and praise to our lips.
Youssef is a native Algerian raised in a conservative Muslim family. After a successful career as a professional soccer player and manager he joined Operation Mobilization in 1980 and has led its work in Algeria together with his wife Hee Tee since 1988. As one of the key leaders Youssef and Hee Tee minister through TV and radio, literature printing and distribution, sports ministry, and relief projects. Through the Timothy Training School they train workers for the Algerian churches and now for the nations. Youssef and Hee Tee have three daughters.
Preface Introduction: Why does this book exist? The Background of the Algerian Church Chapter One: My Story Chapter Two: How a BMB views a missionary Chapter Three: Understanding the background of BMBs Chapter Four: God s Plan for their lives Chapter Five: Who is qualified to disciple BMBs? Chapter Six: True Partnership Chapter Seven: The power of love and a warm home Chapter Eight: His convert is not your egg Chapter Nine: Encouraging BMBs to share their testimonies Chapter Ten: Don t preach denominations Chapter Eleven: The laying on of hands and anointing with oil Chapter Twelve: Which material to use? Chapter Thirteen: Common Muslim questions and the other side of Islam Chapter Fourteen: The importance of prayer and fasting Chapter Fifteen: Overcoming Fear Chapter Sixteen: Depending on God and seeing His provision Chapter Seventeen: Empowering BMBs to follow their visions and start their own ministries Chapter Eighteen: What about those who backslide? Chapter Nineteen: The importance of retreats, camps and conferences Chapter Twenty: Helping those who suffer for the sake of the faith Chapter Twenty-One: The power of tears Chapter Twenty-Two: The importance of advocacy Chapter Twenty-Three: No Pain, No Gain Chapter Twenty-Four: Testimonies of Brothers and Sisters from Algeria
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