Gordon Elloy
Libro And The Pariah Roared, Jace Jordan
Author: Jace Jordan
Publisher: Gordon Elloy
Categories: Crime & mystery
Categories: Thriller / suspense
Language: Inglés
Price in paper
: 16.77 (16.77)
ISBN: 9781742844770
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The work is set in India. It follows the path of a poor severely abused man, suffering years of hell. He climbs from the gutter, overcomes the severe constraints of the Indian caste system, and becomes the elite of the elite. It sets out on a very heavy note. This is essential to show how a poor young villager, innocent of any crime, unjustifiably suffers horrible physical abuse .
I became a dedicated Christian in 2004. The novel was essentially completed at that time and shelved after several edits. The revenge theme and heavy plotting that is contained in the work goes directly against my belief and I want no part of it or any recognition regarding the work. Debbie has assured me this situation can be arranged; I imagine in the context of a ghost writer. My grandson has just purchased a home in WA which resulted in a very heavy debt situation. I initially gave ownership of the work to my granddaughter to financially help her complete her nursing career but she completed it before publishing was pursued. She was happy to let her brother take over ownership in the light of his debt situation and because she is marrying a doctor, and money is not a problem to them. I have a Christian mission of my own that I have been pursuing for over six and one half years. I have attached a copy of it for your perusal. To date I have sent six copies by surface mail, free of charge, to each of 1025 institutions of 1048 contacted; always dispatching only to those who agree to receive the document. I specifically contact only 1) Caring Centres for the Aged; 2) Nursing Centres; 3) Crisis Centres. So far I have completed Qld, NSW, Vic, and am up to the S listing in SA. I will not put at risk any slur on the credibility of this mission.
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