Vin Musgrave
Libro And Some There, Vin Musgrave
Author: Vin Musgrave
Publisher: Vin Musgrave
Categories: Military history
Language: Inglés
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ISBN: 9781742842455
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A novel of an unpublicized war endured by unheralded people.
Vin Musgrave served in the Australian Regular Army for twenty-four years, then in the Active Reserve for seven years. He entered the Royal Military College, Duntroon in 1953 and graduated in 1956. The rest of his time was spent in the Infantry. He retired in 1984 after service in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. In Vietnam he was an adviser with the South Vietnamese: first at an army training centre, then with paramilitary forces in two districts bordering Hue in Central Vietnam. He wrote 'And Some There Be' to commemorate the South Vietnamese, Americans and fellow Australians he served with. Despite the extensive literature spawned by the Second Indo-China War, little has been devoted to the sacrifice of the paramilitary troops of the South. This may be due to poor performance in some parts of the country, but the men the author served with were good, brave soldiers. They and the people they belonged to deserve remembrance.
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